FoodUnlock the power of discarded walnut shells: The affordable beauty secret for hair and skin

Unlock the power of discarded walnut shells: The affordable beauty secret for hair and skin

Walnuts - what to do with the shells?
Walnuts - what to do with the shells?
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2:46 PM EST, January 2, 2024

Unearth the unconventional applications of walnut shells, a taste sensation we relish throughout the year. It's an overlooked treasure, since both the nuts and their shells have plenty to offer. Learn how to concoct a homemade rinse that can breathe new life into your hair and add vibrancy to its color, while reducing the appearance of gray strands.

The beneficial impact of walnuts on brain function and the nervous system, combined with their advantageous glycemic index, renders them an excellent dietary inclusion. They can contribute to the health and condition of hair and skin, as demonstrated by their presence in the compositions of numerous cosmetics.

Using walnut shells in skincare

  • An advantageous application of walnut shells is in the preparation of a facial toner. Simply steep the shells in boiling water for a few hours, strain, and apply to cleansed skin both morning and night by lightly patting it in.
  • Walnut shells can be transformed into a scrub. Only need to grind them into a fine powder, mix it with a little oil or yogurt. Gently massage the resulting scrub into the facial and neck skin, then rinse with water.
  • They can also aid in creating a hair mask. Boil the shells in water, allow the mixture to steep for a few hours, then strain. Apply the finished product to hair and scalp, wrapping with a towel. Rinse off after 30 minutes.

Using walnut shells in haircare

  • A rinse made with walnut shells can effectively darken hair. It presents a natural substitute to chemical dyes, imposing no strain on hair or causing any irritation.
  • To create the rinse, boil the shells in water and let them simmer on low heat for about 30 minutes. Strain the concoction and allow it to cool. Use the lukewarm infusion to rinse hair after washing.
  • This rinse not only darkens hair but also strengthens it, improving its overall condition and enhancing its shine.

Walnut shells are both affordable and readily available, making them a versatile ingredient for a wide range of uses. Their nutrient-rich nature and beneficial properties make them a valuable asset in the kitchen, for skincare and haircare, and around the house.

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