FoodUnlock the health powerhouse of oranges: A technique for easy, mess-free juicing

Unlock the health powerhouse of oranges: A technique for easy, mess-free juicing

Images source: © Youtube | Uradi Sama- Ideje za kreativce

9:58 PM EST, December 18, 2023

There were times when oranges were a real treat. Obtaining these fruits was a challenge. Each savored segment of the rare, delicious oranges was treasured. Today, thankfully, oranges are easily accessible. However, it remains important to remember their health benefits and include them in our diet.

Eating oranges provides a healthy dose of vitamin C, vital for maintaining our body's proper functionality. They contribute positively to our vascular system, aid in the prevention of hypertension, and shield us from the risk of stroke. Consuming them raw or drinking freshly squeezed juice are both beneficial ways to incorporate oranges into our diet.

A magical trick with an orange, a deep plate, and a glass

Have you ever pondered over the results of combining an orange, a glass, and a deep plate? I decided to test it and was pleasantly surprised. The trick is a stroke of genius, and its originator certainly merits a medal. To comprehend the trick, a deep plate should be placed on a table, a glass set on it, and an orange sliced in half.

Then, using the glass, squeeze the juice from half of the orange by rotating it about its own axis. The result is astounding - a hassle-free extraction of all the juice. This technique is both simplistic and efficient. After juicing the orange, simply strain it through a sieve to enjoy a glass of freshly squeezed, delicious orange juice.

The need for a juicer or other cumbersome juicing methods that create kitchen mess is eliminated. Never before has juicing oranges been so uncomplicated and easy.

Orange© Youtube | Uradi Sama- Ideje za kreativce
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