LifestyleUnlock good fortune: The surprising house plants believed to bring luck and prosperity

Unlock good fortune: The surprising house plants believed to bring luck and prosperity

House plants that bring happiness.
House plants that bring happiness.
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6:32 AM EST, January 14, 2024

House plants can aesthetically enhance a room, lending it character and effectively purifying the air. Some even claim that these plants can significantly impact our lives.

Based on our ancestors' superstitions, it's advantageous to keep certain plants in your home, especially if you frequently experience bouts of misfortune.

Luck-bringing plants

The Jade plant, also known as the "Tree of Happiness," is the most renowned plant believed to bring good luck when housed inside. It’s round leaves, which symbolize wealth, and its shape resembling a popular bonsai tree make it distinctive.

The Oxalis plant bears resemblance to the famous four-leaf clover. Fondly called the flower of love and luck, it's believed that housing this plant ensures abundance and success.

"Lucky Bamboo" or Dracaena Sanderiana, according to feng shui, is supposed to bring harmony into a home, provided it's kept in water, not soil. It is thought that tying it with a red ribbon, symbolizing the fire element, is beneficial. The number of stalks also matters, with three stalks signifying good fortune, five symbolizing wealth, and six representing health.

Despite its peculiar name, the Peace Lily is said to convey luck and positive energy to a household. It also promotes tranquility and contentment. This plant, known during the ancient Near East times, is tied to a legend about the goddess Astarte who supposedly sprinkled luck on this flower to keep her company on her wedding day.

Anthurium is another plant worth having in your home. It is believed to cultivate luck, joy and contribute to achieving success and expediting learning. It's thought that a man gifted with this flower will prosper, and a woman will find true love.

Aucuba, also known as the "Gold Tree", is said to safeguard a home from harm. In addition, based on ancestral beliefs, this plant aids in achieving your dream career, providing it is given ample space to grow freely.

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