Tips&TricksUnleashing brainpower: discover the hidden numbers in this animal-based riddle

Unleashing brainpower: discover the hidden numbers in this animal-based riddle

This riddle provokes sharp exchanges of words.
This riddle provokes sharp exchanges of words.
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9:36 AM EST, January 8, 2024

Puzzles have held persistent appeal for years, with increasing numbers of people considering them a hobby. Not only mathematical puzzles but also logical ones are famous. Interestingly, in many of these, numbers are irrelevant to the solution. In the riddle mentioned, specific numbers are hidden behind a dog and a cat's faces - your goal is to uncover them. Ready for the challenge?

What makes this riddle challenging?

It's a known fact that different people approach counting in unique ways, often disregarding standard rules or mathematical operations. Then, we often disagree, proudly asserting our conclusion—even if it's inaccurate. Our intricate computations can be futile; worse, we tend not to identify fundamental errors in them. As a result, we are forced to reconsider to avoid going around in circles needlessly. This underlines the importance of keeping our minds in good shape.

Only a few regularly engage their critical thinking skills, often using exhaustion or a lack of time as excuses. In most situations, these are mere attempts to deceive ourselves about our indifference and ignorance. It's completely understandable that not everyone was, or is, a fan of mathematics. For many, mentioning this school subject evokes a cold shiver from memories of stress and tears.

The Animal-Based Riddle

This riddle's difficulty level is elevated by using graphical representations—a dog's head and a cat's head—whose sums give us the final result. Essentially, the search is more for numbers than sums, making this riddle particularly challenging. The dog stands for a specific number, as does the cat, and your task is to find these numbers, yielding the correct result.

If you start to find a pattern in this puzzle, you're on the right track to solving it. Once you identify certain correlating factors and kick-start your neurons, the answers will form automatically in your mind. Look closely at the first two equations. Can you figure out the foundation of this clever riddle?

Approach to solving the riddle

A little hint at the outset won't do any harm. The number 13 is the digit beneath the last question mark. With this knowledge, you need to discover the hidden numbers, seeing as the final result is already known. This type of puzzle is taught to schoolchildren, who often solve them in no time. So, why are you still pondering?

A mathematical riddle with animals is a creative puzzle.
A mathematical riddle with animals is a creative puzzle.© Freepik

The astute ones among you might already have the answer, but not everyone has such a well-developed cognitive ability. You should note that in this riddle, a face appears once, and another time there are two, which has significant implications. What might one dog head represent? Exactly, the number 2. And one cat represents 1. Now, referring to these examples, "22 + 1 = 23", "22 + 2 = 24" and "2 + 11 = 13". Do you find the riddle as daunting as you initially did?

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