AutosUnleashed behemoth of Siberia: the colossal dual-engine ZIL-E-167 that never made the grade

Unleashed behemoth of Siberia: the colossal dual-engine ZIL‑E-167 that never made the grade

Images source: © CC BYSA 3.0, RuWikipedia | Jeka3000

12:39 PM EST, January 22, 2024

The ZIL E-167 was a true behemoth on wheels. Even at the design phase, its stupendous dimensions, approximately 30 feet long and 10 feet high, and weighing nearly 8 tons, indicated a need for a high-powered engine. To satisfy these specifications, it was decided to equip the vehicle with not one, but two 7-liter V8 engines. In the 1960s, such a configuration translated into each engine producing a power of 180 horsepower.

However, what distinguished the ZIL-E-167 from other vehicles was not limited to its powerful engines alone. This trailblazer could reach speeds of approximately 37 mph on well-paved roads, and was further furnished with a tire pressure control system, a winch, and two fuel tanks, each holding up to 238 gallons. With a ground clearance of close to 30 inches and wheels measuring nearly 70 inches in diameter, the Zil-E-167 could bulldoze its way through any obstacle it couldn't bypass.

Although vehicle testing showed it was well-equipped to deal with difficult conditions, there was a minor issue — the gears couldn't efficiently transmit power, leading to persistent technical problems. Consequently, despite initial plans to acquire two more units, the next ZIL model never made it to the drawing board.


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