HealthUnleash the power of your spice rack: seven spices that bolster health and vitality

Unleash the power of your spice rack: seven spices that bolster health and vitality

Turmeric is one of the most healthy spices. Don't skimp on it in dishes.
Turmeric is one of the most healthy spices. Don't skimp on it in dishes.
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10:54 AM EST, January 12, 2024

Typically recognized as a yellow powder presented in small sachets, more and more stores are now offering turmeric in the form of small rhizomes, similar to ginger. Whether fresh or dried, turmeric has shown potential cancer-fighting properties that we should use in our dishes.

Numerous studies on populations where turmeric is a staple ingredient in their cuisine showed significantly lower cancer rates.


Fresh ginger is remarkably beneficial; fortunately, it is easily accessible in Poland. Whether added to tea, used to create a health-boosting tincture or syrup, or grated into rice or pasta dishes, ginger is a potent natural remedy for various ailments, primarily infections.

Ginger also helps with digestive issues and aids in weight management. It notably inhibits platelet aggregation, effectively preventing potentially life-threatening clots.


This humble plant, loved by many Poles, is not just a punchy flavor agent but also an effective weapon against infections and a remedy for stomach issues.

Research has further revealed numerous benefits of garlic: It lowers cholesterol levels, and the compound diallyl disulfide found in garlic helps relax blood vessels, reducing blood pressure as effectively as some medications.


Caraway, a spice known for centuries, isn't universally loved in contemporary cuisine. However, it might be time for us to change our attitudes. Beyond its diuretic and carminative properties, caraway positively impacts the circulatory system, helping protect the heart from diseases. Some studies suggest that these tiny seeds could even have anti-cancer properties.


While Cilantro is favored in Mediterranean, Asian, and African cuisines, it remains somewhat of an understated ingredient in Poland.

It's a shame because this herb can help the body eliminate toxins, harmful substances, and hazardous elements such as lead or mercury.


These unassuming green leaves are more than just a garnish for broth. Parsley can remarkably lower blood sugar levels, providing protection against diabetes quickly.

As shown by a study conducted on diabetics in Turkey, parsley can also lower blood pressure, offering protection against heart attacks.

While cinnamon is a staple in apple pie, you might add it to your coffee, tea, and more dishes, not limited to the sweet ones.

Cinnamon kills harmful microorganisms, such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses, but also helps regulate blood sugar levels, enhances kidney function, reduces inflammation, and supports heart health.

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