Tips&TricksUnleash the cleaning power of a straw: A free and simple trick to prolong your phone's life

Unleash the cleaning power of a straw: A free and simple trick to prolong your phone's life

Put a straw into the phone, you'll thank me later.
Put a straw into the phone, you'll thank me later.
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3:04 PM EST, January 2, 2024

The enigma of a straw and a phone is a technique that allows you to thoroughly clean all the tighter corners and places within your phone, as well as removing the dust buildup often present in the speakers or charging port. Intrigued? Continue reading to discover how to do it.

How a straw saved my phone

Cleaning a cell phone can often be difficult. Dust gathers in spots that are difficult to reach, such as the speakers or the charging port. These spaces are so small that manually removing the accumulated grime is almost impossible without risking damage to delicate components.

One potential solution is the use of compressed air. Although acquiring such a tool is not very expensive, the equally effective trick of inserting a straw into the phone can be executed completely free of cost.

How to implement the straw trick? No simpler!

To execute this trick, specific preparations are necessary. You'll need a straw, the top part of a plastic bottle, a cap, a soldering iron or a chisel, and also glue - ideally hot glue. Warm up the soldering iron or chisel and use such a tool to punch a hole in the bottle cap. It should be large enough for the straw to easily slip through. Position it in the hole so that a portion is inside the bottle-neck and affix it to the cap using the hot glue. Wait for it to dry.

When everything is set, you can start the process. Embed the vacuum cleaner pipe into the bottle-neck and fit the straw into the tighter spots on the phone's surface. In case of larger openings, you can even insert the straw inside. This way, every last bit of dust and grime from every nook and cranny will be removed.

This straw trick will also be useful for cleaning USB, HDMI, and other ports on your computer, television, or any other home appliances. It's an easy and affordable method that lets you eliminate dust and prolong the lifespan of electronic devices. You can also employ the straw for general house cleaning. It will prove to be effective for cleaning crevices and other hard-to-reach areas, where a regular vacuum cleaner nozzle may not reach. It is also perfect for cleaning your car.

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