TechUnknown UAVs in Ukraine. It’s surprising where the Russians got them

Unknown UAVs in Ukraine. It’s surprising where the Russians got them

Russian drone made of wood.
Russian drone made of wood.
Images source: © Defense Express

8:36 AM EDT, October 24, 2023

The spokesperson for the Command of the Air Forces of Ukraine, Yuriy Ignat, explained in an interview with the radio station My Ukraine, where the Russians get parts for their drones. The BulgarianMilitary portal adds that this is a "fact, which was known".

On Sunday, October 22, Russian troops launched two drones of unknown type towards Ukraine - BulgarianMilitary reports. The army of defenders determined that the devices use engines from ... AliExpress.

– After examining the remains of the drone, one can be clear about the enemy's engineering processes. It's worth noting that the propulsion mechanism comes from AliExpress, which speaks to the enemy's resourcefulness. This isn't a single event – said Ignat. The spokesman also emphasized that several pounds of explosives were identified in the drone, indicating a high potential in the context of attacking enemy targets.

This is not the first case of this type

Jurij Ignat notes that the utilization of parts purchased from the AliExpress portal by Russians is not the only situation that attests to the ingenuity of their army. The spokesperson recalled that in May 2023, Ukrainians identified the opponent's "wooden airships", which are makeshift constructions, but in essence, cheap to produce and pose a threat on the frontline.

At the same time, BulgarianMilitary also notes that in June, the Russians deliberately designed drones equipped with headlights that served as a "lure" for Ukrainian air defense systems. Although in such designs the fuel tank consisted of plastic bottles, BM emphasizes the innovative application of a twin-engine configuration. One of them provided the power, while the other served as the thrust engine.

Not only do the Russians utilize every possible source from which they can procure components for their machines, but they also use widely available elements. Therefore, it should be reminded that the Russians are investing in a project of an undetectable unmanned vehicle referred to as MM-1. This is expected to be "invisible" to the Ukrainian systems due to the use of Styrofoam in production.

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