NewsUnjustified actions of Russian forces warrant deserved consequences

Unjustified actions of Russian forces warrant deserved consequences

The Russians shot the prisoners from Ukraine. They faced a very swift punishment.
The Russians shot the prisoners from Ukraine. They faced a very swift punishment.
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4:53 PM EST, December 3, 2023

An unsettling video has emerged online, depicting Russian forces ruthlessly eliminating two Ukrainian soldiers who had surrendered post-intense conflict. This occurred in the vicinity of Avdiivka, an area currently under the throes of a violent battle for control of the city. Ukrainian forces report successful resistance against their Russian counterparts, thereby neutralizing the intruders.

During the skirmish for Avdiivka, Russian soldiers killed two surrendering Ukrainian fighters. They had willingly left their defenses and were brutally killed by the Russian unit. This incident, documented in a drone video, has sparked public outrage. Information is now unfolding about the consequences faced by the culprits.

Vitaliy Barabash, the head of the military administration in Avdiivka, gave detailed accounts to Ukrainian media. Nearby, a pair of Ukrainian fighters ran out of ammunition, forcing them to surrender in hopes of survival. Unfortunately, this decision ultimately cost them their lives.

Russian forces executed the innocent captives, which categorically is a war crime.

Nevertheless, the culpable Russian forces did face immediate and apt punishment. The Armed Forces of Ukraine drove off the intruders, eliminating the Russian soldiers engaged in conflict near Stepove village. Vitaliy Barabash suggests that the captives' executioners might have been among the eliminated. As fierce battles persist, so does Avdiivka.

Russian forces aim to encircle the city. Avdiivka is the sole area in Donbas that has not been seized by Russian control since 2014.

Since early autumn, Avdiivka has been under intense conflict. The invaders consistently send fresh troops and substantial machinery into the fight, enduring heavy casualties yet steadily making progress. Ukrainians are putting up a robust fight but falling short in terms of manpower and equipment. Despite this, the city continues to resist, resulting in an exceedingly brutal battle.

Vladimir Putin has prioritized capturing Avdiivka at any cost.

Through the ongoing Ukrainian conflict, Russian forces have exhibited cruel tendencies. Towns like Irpin, Bucha, and Mariupol have witnessed ruthless onslaughts on civilians by Putin's soldiers. Russian forces consistently disregard basic human rights, especially when it comes to treating Ukrainian soldiers with consideration and forgiveness.

The Geneva Convention — the guideline for the treatment of prisoners of war — mandates humane treatment. Hypothetically, Russians apprehending surrendering Ukrainians should transport them to camps far from the battlefield, ensuring they are cared for medically and protected by inviolability.

However, reality depicts harsh punishment, torture, and maltreatment for prisoners as an everyday occurrence. Russians show no sympathy unless the Ukrainians agree to cooperate. If not, they are tortured and potentially killed, or endure extended confinement, degradation, starvation, and physical abuse. This is the current state of Vladimir Putin's military, often acclaimed as "second in the world".

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