NewsUnion plans crackdown on road offenders with stricter penalties

Union plans crackdown on road offenders with stricter penalties

accident on highway A4
accident on highway A4
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3:09 PM EST, December 10, 2023

The European Parliament is considering regulations that would enforce the suspension of a driver's license in all EU countries, should it be suspended in one member state.

Last Friday, the Committee on Transport and Tourism in the European Parliament approved a project proposing new regulations. These would revoke driver’s licenses union-wide for those who've had their license suspended in any of the member states.

This move is aimed at eliminating road impunity and enhancing safety within Europe. At present, roughly 40 percent of transborder road offenders in the EU go unpunished.

Under current laws, the suspension of a driver's license in one member state doesn’t necessitate a similar action in other EU countries.

With these new laws in place, any decision regarding restrictions, suspensions or revocations of a license would need to be communicated to the country that issued the driver's license. This ensures the decision is respected across all member states.

EU lawmakers have also suggested expanding the list of serious traffic offenses, triggering information exchanges between states.

The list now includes excessive speed, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, pedestrian-involved accidents, hit-and-runs, or driving without a valid driver's license.

A certain period will be given for countries to exchange data about road offenders. A new pan-European platform will facilitate this exchange of information.

The Union is aspiring to achieve zero casualties in road transport across Europe by the year 2050.

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