Tips&TricksUnhealthy habits that can age you prematurely: Screen time and indoor heating

Unhealthy habits that can age you prematurely: Screen time and indoor heating

What habits contribute to faster aging?
What habits contribute to faster aging?
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5:27 AM EST, February 12, 2024

Unhealthy habits affect us all. Even individuals who maintain stringent self-discipline knowingly permit minor deviations from their routines. And that's perfectly fine. People aren't robots, and ironclad self-discipline can sometimes weaken. One shouldn't criticize themselves or be concerned during these moments. We all deserve our small indulgences. This might mean straying from our daily diet, exercise regimen, or other small habits or addictions. However, prolonged adherence to certain habits can effectively steal our youth. So, what should we dodge? Fortunately, it only involves eliminating a few detrimental practices.

Watching too much TV and leading a sedentary lifestyle can age you

Research by Australian scientists suggests that each hour of TV viewing may decrease our anticipated lifespan by 22 minutes. The findings suggest that individuals who spend, on average, 6 hours a day in front of a TV, computer, or smartphone screen live shorter lives. These individuals are projected to die up to 5 years sooner than those who shun screen-based entertainment.

Moreover, our lifestyle significantly influences our longevity and our ability to retain our youthfulness. It's widely known that sedentary individuals have a heightened susceptibility to various cancers, circulatory diseases, and severe kidney issues. Therefore, daily physical activity is fundamental. It doesn't require a strenuous gym workout; a leisurely walk or light home exercises will suffice.

Do cooler temperatures slow down the aging process?

Various experts assert that high indoor temperatures could be harmful to our health. They suggest staying in a heated environment can make the skin dry and prone to inflammation. Overzealous use of heating in your home could potentially accelerate wrinkling. Remember that habitually raising the temperature can also affect the mucous membranes in the throat and nose, leading to illness. Also, excessive humidity indoors can negatively impact your health. So, to maintain youthfulness for longer, it's advisable to live in a consistent, slightly cooler indoor environment.

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