Tips&TricksUnfortunate laundry mistake? How your kitchen's bay leaves can restore your whites

Unfortunate laundry mistake? How your kitchen's bay leaves can restore your whites

Bleach will not be needed, even with discolorations.
Bleach will not be needed, even with discolorations.
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11:54 PM EST, December 18, 2023

Whether we admit it or not, washing clothes isn't as simple as it seems and requires certain knowledge. Quite a few people are regularly surfing the internet for information about it. Questions range from how often one should wash pajamas, beddings and towels, to the most effective ways to remove stains. But, what should you do when your white laundry inexplicably changes color? There's a simple, home remedy to resolve this problem.

Ever accidentally tossed a red or black sock in with the white laundry? The unfortunate outcome is usually clothes that have adopted unwanted tints. However, there's a way to reverse this process without resorting to bleach or other chemical agents. You only need three items you're sure to find in your kitchen.

An affordable homemade bleach

Did you know that the bay leaf, beyond its use in cooking, could also aid in restoring the whiteness of your clothes? If you've opened your washing machine to find, rather than white items, pink or gray ones, there's no cause for concern. You can restore their whiteness simply using a handful of bay leaves.

Just drop these into a pot of water and bring to a boil. After setting them aside for 15 minutes, place the color-affected laundry into a bowl and pour the prepared infusion over it. Once fully cooled, remove the clothes. To the water containing the bay leaf infusion, add 4–5 sachets of baking powder and 1–2 tablespoons of baking soda. After mixing thoroughly, immerse your laundry in it. Leave it for 2–3 hours. Following this, wash your clothes in the washing machine again. The end result should be your whites restored to their original state without using any chemical bleaches.

This homemade technique using common kitchen items restores your whites to their original state. It's a reliable hack for those inevitable laundry emergencies.

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