LifestyleUnforgiving stars: The zodiac signs that struggle to let go of past wounds

Unforgiving stars: The zodiac signs that struggle to let go of past wounds

Some zodiac signs have a problem with forgiving.
Some zodiac signs have a problem with forgiving.
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1:45 PM EST, February 11, 2024

We often hurt each other, not always consciously. But how we approach those injuries and whether we can work through them is the most important aspect. If we can't, it results in a serious problem. The power of forgiveness and the ability to forget can bring about healing, while harboring a sense of grievance is a toxic practice leading to constant suffering. Some zodiac signs find it hard to let go of the harm they have suffered. They torment themselves over it for many years, instead of simply moving on.

Taurus: A stubborn and vindictive sign

Taurus fears two things in life: change and betrayal. When they are hurt by someone, it is considered the absolute end of that relationship. They don't accept excuses or apologies for they mean nothing to them. People born under this sign are extremely possessive and have a hard time trusting others. If they are disappointed, they emit hate both towards the person who hurt them and towards themselves for their mistaken judgment. Along the path to forgiveness, Taurus is often blocked by their legendary stubbornness. They find it difficult to forget and to let go.

Gemini: Eternally holding grudges

Gemini is known for its challenging character. They frequently show two faces and can change their behavior dramatically. One day they might shower someone with love and affection, only to act cold and distant the next day. Although they generally have to apologize frequently in relationships, this does not work in reverse. An offended Gemini will hold a grudge until the end. They will never forgive an offense, remaining resolute in their anger and hatred. Gemini will completely eject the person who angered them from their lives, without allowing them a chance to explain.

Scorpio: The master of planned revenge

Scorpios keep their expectations low when dealing with others. From the start, they anticipate betrayal, and therefore prepare accordingly in advance. They find forgiveness impractical. After all, if someone has hurt them once, they are likely to do it again. Unlike other zodiac signs, Scorpio not only finds forgiveness difficult but also carefully plans revenge. Even if it takes years, they will eventually retaliate, and the one who dared to offend them will experience the wrath of Scorpio firsthand.

Pisces: Prioritizing themselves

Those born under the Pisces sign are extraordinarily sensitive and can easily be upset, often even inadvertently. A minor word or gesture that they don't like could trigger a disaster. Pisces never forget grievances, often vocalizing them dramatically. Given their theatrical nature, everything they experience is amplified and publicly broadcast. Their entire circle soon knows the full story: who hurt them, how and why. Pisces can't forget an offense because it becomes a matter of pride for them. To them, forgiving means appearing naive and ridiculous.

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