NewsUnexplained arrival of two ships onshore in Peru remains a mystery

Unexplained arrival of two ships onshore in Peru remains a mystery

The ships appeared in Peru at an interval of two months.
The ships appeared in Peru at an interval of two months.
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5:04 PM EST, December 9, 2023

Two enigmatic ships have washed ashore on Callao beach in Peru. Their origin is still uncertain. Even though the removal of these ships is necessary, they have captivated the local community and tourists alike.

Within two months, two ships mysteriously emerged ashore near the resort of Costa Azul in Callao. The process behind how these vessels ended up in this particular region of Peru remains enigmatic.

The unexplained presence of two ghost ships in Peru

The first ship, a barge named "Guerrero", was originally anchored near San Lorenzo Island in Peru, but was reported missing in October. A couple of days later, it was found on Ventanilla beach, on the west coast of Peru.

The second encounter, two months later, was a tugboat named "Quan Tum" appearing on the same coastline. Possibly deployed to salvage the "Guerrero", it seemed to have encountered technical issues and drifted to the same location as the barge. It holds over 528 US gallons of fuel, posing a potentially significant environmental hazard.

The regional government along with the Ministry of Environment has ordered the ships to be removed to prevent environmental offenses. Despite these orders, they were disregarded. Consequently, on November 30, the head of the Callao port complained to the Specialized Prosecutor's Office for the Environment.

"The best solution would be their removal, which can be done either by sea or land, but unfortunately, both options would be high-cost," said the port spokesperson.

Public safety is another concerning issue he highlighted. Within two months of these ships arriving on "Guerrero" beach, they have turned into an unintended tourist attraction, drawing the attention of locals and tourists alike. There have been attempts by many people to climb onto the ships.

Among the visitors on site was a prominent Peruvian influencer. Soy DJ recounted his unimpressive visit inside the ship. He noted that everything inside was destroyed and ensued a distinctively unpleasant odor.

"Reaching the top was a huge struggle, but we managed it using old tires. On the deck, there are a few small rooms where everything is rusted and dirty. [...] This is not a tourist attraction, due to the entire structure succumbing to rust," he added.

A second "Ghost" ship appears on Costa Azul beach in Ventanilla

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