TechUnearthing secrets in 'Sons of The Forest': Navigating twisted caves for the invaluable spade

Unearthing secrets in 'Sons of The Forest': Navigating twisted caves for the invaluable spade

The shovel will allow to uncover bunkers hidden underground.
The shovel will allow to uncover bunkers hidden underground.
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8:22 PM EST, January 23, 2024

Sons of The Forest is an instant hit. Despite its early access release coinciding with the high-profile launch of the game Hogwarts Legacy, it hasn't impacted the success of this survival game. With millions of units already sold, it remains one of the most popular games on Steam, consistently attracting significant numbers of active players.

We recently demonstrated how to find a pistol — an indispensable tool in this game. Following the same vein, the next essential item is a shovel — or more suitably, a spade. Without revealing too much about the unfolding scenarios in Sons of The Forest, suffice to say this tool is invaluable. It essentially deciphers the game for you. But how does one find it?

Unearthing the spade: first gather two key items

To start, you'll require a grappling gun and diving gear. If you set off in search of the spade without these two items, you won't be able to reach the location where it resides. So, ensure you have these before embarking on the spade quest. If you're yet to procure them, we can direct you on where to find them.

Both the grappling gun and diving gear can be discovered in caves. So make sure you're adequately armed before embarking on the search. For the diving gear (located in a cave in the north), the adversaries you'll encounter are relatively easy to tackle; however, you'll also face an unexpected foe — a shark (in a cave?!) You have an option to pre-emptively shoot it with a pistol or immobilize it with a paralyzer, but if you swim tactically, it shouldn't pose a threat. You'll find the paralyzer in the same cave, just stick to the right side and look for the hanging body of a worker.

In terms of the grappling gun, the scenario is somewhat more challenging. You'll find yourself in a cave teeming with weaker enemies and a considerable amount of stronger opponents. If you're playing solo, you could face difficulties. Although easier with a group of three or four players, it's still tough. Pack grenades, pistol ammo, Molotov cocktails, and healing kits for the journey. You'll find the grappling gun at the end of the cave, however, take note of a crucifix at the beginning, as it becomes useful later in the game.

Sons of The Forest - Diver's Set
Sons of The Forest - Diver's Set© Youtube

Got the grappling gun and diving gear? Then make way for the spade

The journey to the spade might prove more daunting than the cave with the grappling gun. The necessity of the grappling gun and diving gear isn't exaggerated — you won't reach your destination without them. Although not the most treacherous cave, do prepare for numerous fights. Along your way to the spade, you should also encounter an oxygen cylinder for diver's gear, a swimsuit, and a slingshot in front of the cave entrance.

Sons of The Forest - rope gun
Sons of The Forest - rope gun© Polygamia

In Sons of The Forest, you'll venture through sprawling caves, and it's easy to get disoriented, especially given the pervasive darkness. Remember to use flares and a flashlight. In the "spade cave," continue exploring until you discover it. En route to the spade, look out for a deceased worker clothed in orange — he has the spade in his hands.

Once you've found the spade, you must retrace your steps. Avoid engaging with the abyss next to the spade as it's futile to interact there. You need to return to where you heard monstrous sounds but found no creature. When you do come back, a so-called Sluggy finally breaks through a part of the wall. This creature gets lodged in a narrow crevice, so you'll need to assist — ideally with a time bomb. After this hurdle, you'll discover the exit.

Sons of The Forest
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