LifestyleUnderstanding the perfect time to repot your house plants in spring

Understanding the perfect time to repot your house plants in spring

When to repot potted plants?
When to repot potted plants?
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6:55 AM EST, February 2, 2024

There's a common belief that house plants should be repotted in the spring. However, not everyone realizes that the plants give us a sign when it's time to change their soil and pot. How can we recognize this? We'll explain.

The significance of repotting plants

Potted plants make excellent decorations for many apartments and houses. Some plants also serve other purposes in rooms, like purifying the air, hence they regularly feature not only in living rooms but also in bedrooms and even bathrooms.

Remember to repot them during spring. This process not only revitalizes the plant but also boosts its strength. Moreover, this gives it a chance to expand its root system, potentially accelerating its growth.

Nonetheless, avoid using a much larger new pot. It shouldn't be more than two sizes bigger. Otherwise, it could backfire and produce the exact opposite of what you intended.

The best time to repot plants in spring

As the weather improves, we gradually forget about the prolonged winter. However, this doesn't necessarily mean that it's time to repot our plants. The optimal time to do this is at the transition of March to April. The extended daylight during this period will provide the necessary amount of light for the plants. Lack of adequate light post-repotting could decelerate their growth.

Also, pay attention to the pot and, more specifically, the soil in which your plant is growing. If you notice a unique limey residue, it's probably time to repot your plant.

However, ensure to use suitable soil. If unsure, search online for advice or ask in different garden stores. There is also an option to use universal soil, suitable for most flowers.

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