LifestyleUnderstanding "face slugging" and its potential for winter skin care

Understanding "face slugging" and its potential for winter skin care

What does "slugging" your face involve?
What does "slugging" your face involve?
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6:23 PM EST, December 8, 2023

Our skin needs special care during winter. Often, it becomes so dry that standard moisturizing creams struggle to effectively hydrate it. In such situations, the Korean skincare method known as "slugging" may be worth exploring. But what exactly does it entail?

In the winter, the skin is subjected to a significant ordeal. It's regularly exposed to low temperatures, slowing down the function of sebaceous glands, weakening the skin's protective barrier, which consequently results in dryness. Therefore, diligent skincare routines in the morning and evening are crucial.

However, sometimes, moisturizing creams, even those high in hyaluronic acid, are insufficient. What to do in such cases? The answer lies in a method known as "face slugging", a technique derived from reliable Korean skincare. Do you want to know what it's all about? Let's explore further.

A pharmacy gem

The term "slugging" originates from the word "slug" or snail, hinting at the method's emphasis on in-depth miniaturization. The technique leverages a single, highly popular and affordable product – Vaseline. It can be acquired from any pharmacy. Frequently used in cosmetics, its transparent or slightly yellow color reflects its deep moisturizing and softening properties.

A savior for dry skin

'Slugging' involves coating your face with Vaseline before bed, as your final skincare step. Upon waking up and washing off the greasy residue, you'll notice an immediate improvement in your skin's quality. It's important to note, this wonder product retains moisture in the skin while not clogging your pores. It's particularly recommended for individuals with dry and sensitive skin, but its usage is discouraged for those with problematic and oily complexions.

Vaseline will save your skin in winter.
Vaseline will save your skin in winter.© Getty Images | Douglas P Sacha - droopydogAJNA
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