TechUnconventional weapon depot in Crimea. Russians accused of disregarding civilians

Unconventional weapon depot in Crimea. Russians accused of disregarding civilians

Secret Russian weapons depot in Crimea
Secret Russian weapons depot in Crimea
Images source: © Telegram, Atesh
6:42 AM EST, December 11, 2023

Partisans from the Atesh group, who have been observing Russian movements in Crimea, have discovered something alarming. They report an unexpected concentration of D-30 howitzers in Eupatoria, brought in by the Russian forces. According to representatives from the Atesh group, the unusual location for unloading and storing these weapons has been deliberately chosen to use civilians as shields.

"Our agents conducted reconnaissance in Eupatoria and located the site where the D-30 howitzers are unloaded. The Russians are storing these weapons at a railway station, effectively using the civilian population as cover. They have also established positions for coastal defense near roads and railway lines," shared members of Atesh on Telegram.

To substantiate their claim, Atesh has published several photos and a short video, accurately marking the location of the Russian weapons depot on the map of Eupatoria.

This report is one more in a recent series suggesting that Russians are strategic in concentrating additional force within Crimea.

Earlier this month, the Atesh group had detected several KAMAZ trucks full of obstacles also known as dragon's teeth, and transported heavy equipment like cranes and REM-KL vehicles. Meanwhile, representatives of the Ukrainian armed forces warn of a growing stockpile of various missile types on the occupied peninsula by Russian forces.

The D-30 is a post-Soviet 122mm caliber howitzer. These weapons can use not only their standard ammunition but also shells supplied from North Korea. It's no secret that Pyongyang has been supporting Moscow, particularly in the provision of 152mm cal. and 122mm cal. projectiles.

Although the D-30s were first brought into service in the 1960s, they are still effective in contemporary conflicts. They are fairly simple structures with the ability to hit targets up to about 9.32 miles away. When loaded with rocket-powered RAP ammunition, this range can be extended to over 13.05 miles. These howitzers can fire seven to eight shells per minute.

Over the years, D-30 howitzers have been used by numerous countries globally. While Russia holds one of the most substantial stocks, it is likely that they are supplementing these with supplies from abroad. Recent information and video footage suggest that the D-30 howitzers are among the weapons that Russia procures from North Korea.

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