LifestyleUK's real-life Rapunzel: Woman with 70-inch hair hasn't washed it for 16 years

UK's real-life Rapunzel: Woman with 70‑inch hair hasn't washed it for 16 years

37-year-old Frankie from Great Britain has some of the longest hair in the world.
37-year-old Frankie from Great Britain has some of the longest hair in the world.
Images source: © Instagram | floorlengthfrankie
8:12 AM EST, December 22, 2023

While the idea of hair care may seem uncomplicated, the reality is quite the contrary. There are those who claim that minimal product usage is most beneficial for one's hair, while others argue that an extensive care routine—including several stages of washing and oiling—is the key to maintaining healthy hair. So, how does Frankie, with hair measuring more than 70 inches and who hasn't washed her hair for 16 years, maintain her locks?

Becoming the British Rapunzel

Frankie, now 37, initiated her unique hair journey at just six years old. By the time she was thirteen, her hair had grown rapidly and reached her waist. She chose not to cut it during her teenage years, and her affinity for long hair persists. Even after years of nurturing her hair, she remains committed. Frankie admits that managing tangled knots—often taking her an hour to untangle—is frustrating, but she believes she is truly herself with her long hair.

Presently, Frankie's hair spans 70 plus inches, earning her the moniker of Rapunzel, much like the protagonist of a popular children's fairy tale. She is comfortable with the nickname, even incorporating an artistic nod to it on her Instagram profile. It's indeed a real-life fairy tale.

A 16-year hiatus from washing?

Frances's unique hair routine doesn't stop at the length. Once her hair had grown considerably, she began to experience an aversion to washing it. That's when a family friend advised her to stop washing altogether, and she agreed to try it.

Starting was tough for Frankie. Her hair was extremely oily, primarily at the root. She also dealt with a substantial scalp itch. However, she reports that over time those nuisances disappeared without any explanation.

According to Frankie herself, she didn’t wash her hair for 16 consecutive years. This could have continued even longer, but a few changes occurred about three years ago. She posted on her Instagram that due to an increase in her workout routine (which she hadn’t been doing prior), she had to attend to her scalp hygiene. As for her hair care products, she keeps things minimalistic and has still been able to retain shiny, healthy hair over the years.

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