NewsUK's Admiral Radakin: Russia would lose in NATO conflict

UK's Admiral Radakin: Russia would lose in NATO conflict

Tony Radakin reassured the public about the threat from Russia.
Tony Radakin reassured the public about the threat from Russia.
Images source: © Getty Images | Anadolu Agency
3:22 AM EST, February 28, 2024
During a security conference at the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London, Tony Radakin addressed concerns raised a month ago by the commander of the ground forces, Gen. Patrick Sanders.
At the start of the year, NATO's security recommendations and the escalating threat from Russia caused widespread concern. This led heads of states to seriously consider topics like mandatory military service or training for a potential conflict with Russia.
Tony Radakin assures Britons they have nothing to fear. "Great Britain is safe, we are not on the verge of war with Russia, and no one is planning to restore the draft," Radakin stated confidently. He also expressed optimism regarding the security of NATO Eastern Flank countries, highlighting, "The indisputable fact is any Russian attack or intrusion into NATO territory would provoke an overwhelming response. The main reason Putin does not want conflict with NATO is that Russia would lose. And quickly," he said.
Radakin also shed light on the current tensions at the front line, noting that "at a tactical level, Russians are acquiring small areas of territory." He emphasized the urgent need for the West to support Ukraine, especially given the military's potential ammunition shortages related to the blockade of military aid in the USA by Congress. Radakin mentioned that NATO allies are in discussions about bolstering support for Ukraine, hinting that decisions might be reached during the summit in Washington.
He predicts "the troublesome situation" for Ukraine could persist for several more months. Radakin suggests that Kyiv is unlikely to launch a new counteroffensive before late summer, and it will most likely occur next year.
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