TechUkrainians' secret weapon capable of attacking Moscow

Ukrainians' secret weapon capable of attacking Moscow

"Morok" Drone - illustrative photo
"Morok" Drone - illustrative photo
Images source: © Facebook, Security Service of Ukraine (Служба безпеки України)
4:53 PM EST, November 18, 2023

An intriguing image of a mysterious drone has surfaced on social media, showcasing a Ukrainian-designed weapon, known as Morok, which could potentially threaten Moscow.

The weapon, which has remained a secret for many months, was featured on Platform X by Igor Lachenkow, according to the Defense Express portal. He posted an image of an unmanned aerial vehicle. Its exact technical details remain undisclosed, making it difficult to determine its precise dimensions and added functions due to the intentionally blurred graphics. However, it is known that Morok is a cost-effective alternative to the Ukrainian Beavers, priced at approximately 4 million hryvnias (around $177,353).

Morok: A possible threat to Moscow with an estimated range of 497 miles

As recently as last October, Ukrainians were fundraising to acquire 100 Morok drones for their army. Organized by the Serhiy Prytula Foundation, this initiative aimed to generate 175 million hryvnias, implying that the cost of a single drone would be roughly 1.75 million hryvnias (approximately $77,339).

The available information on the Morok drone seems to indicate that its design is based on the RZ-60 drone, which was initially deployed by the Ukrainian military in 2019. Despite this, it is worth highlighting that Morok exhibits significant enhancements compared to its prototype. As a result, the new kamikaze drone is anticipated to have an operational range of up to 497 miles and the ability to carry a 66-pound warhead.

The revamp of the RZ-60 likely involved the removal of several aircraft systems. The Defense Express reports suggest that the manufacturer might have decided to discard elements such as the weight-increasing communication systems and replace the propulsion unit.

Even though the Ukrainian media's speculations regarding the adaptation of the aforementioned RZ-60 for constructing Morok have not been validated by the defense forces, the drone's versatility indeed points toward the Ukrainians' ability to attack targets deep within Russia. Given Morok's claimed range of 497 miles, if launched from near Kyiv, it should be capable of reaching a target right in the heart of Moscow.

The distance between Kiev and Moscow. Dron Morok can cover this distance in one go.
The distance between Kiev and Moscow. Dron Morok can cover this distance in one go.© Google Maps
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