TechUkrainians intercept advanced Russian kamikaze drone with unique design

Ukrainians intercept advanced Russian kamikaze drone with unique design

Mysterious drone of Russians found by Ukrainians
Mysterious drone of Russians found by Ukrainians
Images source: © Defence Blog

6:56 AM EDT, March 26, 2024

Ukrainians have seized a mysterious kamikaze drone developed by the Russian Regional Industrial Enterprise, according to Defence Blog. Let's delve into what's currently known about this never-before-seen construction on the front.
Interestingly, it's not the first instance of Ukrainians intercepting Russian weaponry in almost pristine condition. Through these seizures, the defending army has discovered that the aggressor occasionally uses components from household appliances in some bombs—for example, a desk fan in a bomb from the FAB family.

In another instance, Ukrainians discovered that new Shahed drones are equipped with a camera and a 4G modem for real-time observation. Notably, the latest Russian drone innovations have come to light thanks to the capture of a drone fitted with a 6.2-mile-long fibre optic cable aimed at enhancing communication between the drone and its pilot.

Recently, the Ukrainian army intercepted a peculiar drone developed by a Russian enterprise, marking the first instance of this construction being revealed through recordings or pictures from the front.

The Mysterious Russian Drone

What can be disclosed about the drone, captured almost intact by the Ukrainians? Defence Blog highlights its unconventional duck configuration design and futuristic appearance—the front wings have a smaller wingspan compared to the rear ones. Moreover, it's equipped with two electric engines positioned at the front (in the nose).
Mysterious drone in duck formation found by Ukrainians
Mysterious drone in duck formation found by Ukrainians© Defence Blog
The payload the drone carries is yet to be disclosed. Defence Blog also points out that the drone's modular construction utilized lightweight materials and commercial production techniques. Furthermore, the weapon resembles a children's construction set, comprising various elements.
Details about the drone's specific deployment on the front remain undisclosed by the Ukrainians. However, the use of lightweight materials suggests that this mysterious construction is likely designed for striking targets not far from its launch point, unlike more advanced and larger constructions capable of reaching several hundred miles.
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