NewsUkrainians dissolve a church devoted to Putin. "Missionaries" accused of aiding Russia

Ukrainians dissolve a church devoted to Putin. "Missionaries" accused of aiding Russia

The AllatRa sect worshiped a deity, which in essence is Vladimir Putin.
The AllatRa sect worshiped a deity, which in essence is Vladimir Putin.
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8:24 AM EDT, November 3, 2023

The veneration of Vladimir Putin has transcended humor to become an unsettling reality. The Security Service of Ukraine has broken up the AllatRa sect, whose members worshipped a deity distinctly similar to the Russian leader. Their "missionaries" are suspected of spying for Moscow.

With its struggle against Russian aggression nearing its second year and ongoing issues with territories annexed by the Russian Federation at Putin's command, Ukraine now confronts the presence of a sect venerating the Russian president as a deity on its soil.

The AllatRa sect propagated the belief in a deity whose life story strikingly mirrored that of Putin. Far from a coincidence, the operation was revealed to be a meticulously orchestrated scheme by Russian agencies. These agencies funded the "missionaries", who in return, engaged in espionage and sabotage on behalf of Russia.

Treason charges and potential long-term imprisonment now loom over them in Ukraine.

The Church of Vladimir Putin, a registered entity in Ukraine, is now defunct. The Security Service of Ukraine disbanded the organization during a multi-tiered operation, which resulted in arrests in Kyiv and across other regions. This put a halt to the subversive activities of over 20 group cells.

The group was clearly operating in the interest of the Russian Federation's special services.

The AllatRa sect was preoccupied with a deity whose persona bore an uncanny resemblance to Putin. According to the sect, a secret government of Archons, spreading diseases and bracing for World War III, ruled the world.

Their activities extended beyond promulgating alarming theories and glorifying a man intent on revitalizing the Soviet Union.

Evidence of treason was collected from organization members by SBU agents. They openly justified Russia’s armed aggression against Ukraine, propagated Kremlin-aligned ideologies, and insisted that the warfare was an internal affair of Russia. They also advocated for a "union of Slavic nations" under Moscow's control, with a pronounced communist regime.

AllatRa sect had divisions operating throughout Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus, as well as several other countries in Europe, Central Asia, and even the USA. During a raid on the sect's headquarters, authorities discovered propaganda materials from Russian authors, portraits of Putin, Russian rubles, and significant amounts of firearms.

Now, sect members face trial in a Ukrainian court for treason against the country and further offenses. The potential penalty is up to 15 years of imprisonment or a life sentence with a complete confiscation of property. This entire organization embodies the operational strategy of Russian special services.

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