TechUkrainians devastate Russian airport with powerful western bombs

Ukrainians devastate Russian airport with powerful western bombs

This is what's left of the Russian hangar after a JDAM-ER bomb strike.
This is what's left of the Russian hangar after a JDAM-ER bomb strike.
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1:21 PM EST, November 20, 2023

Ukrainians have been successfully targeting Russian logistics and infrastructure in the occupied territories. A recent example is the attack near Tarasiwka in the Kherson region, with the Ukrainian forces achieving impressive results using powerful JDAM-ER bombs.

Ukrainians have an array of artillery to strike targets tens of miles from the front line. Their arsenal includes well-known GMLRS missiles used in M142 HIMARS and M270 MLRS launchers, but sometimes the situation calls for more firepower, which is where JDAM-ER guided bombs come in, available in 497 lbs, 992 lbs, or 1984 lbs variants.

JDRAM-ER bombs exhibit extraordinary destructive potential, as evidenced in a drone video attached below. Little remains of the targeted Russian hangar after the assault, which was launched approximately 18.6 miles from the front line. Thus, the Ukrainian aircraft deployed these bombs while flying over territory under Ukrainian control.

JDRAM-ER Bombs: When a GMLRS Missile Isn't Enough

The JDAM-ER bombs, introduced by the USAF in 2015, are a refinement of their 90s predecessor JDAMs. These advanced bombs feature a module combining GPS and INS navigation alongside control surfaces and folding wings attached to the traditional Mk 82/83/84 dumb bombs weighing 497 lbs, 992 lbs, and 1984 lbs, respectively.

Consequently, a precision-guided gliding bomb can hit feet, even at 43.5 miles, if deployed from a high altitude. Its high flight speed makes it an elusive target for air defenses. The Russian forces also employ similar technology, conducting strikes on Ukrainian targets with their FAB M62 bombs equipped with UMPK modules.

A significant advantage of these bombs is their high explosives payload. For instance, the smallest JDAM-ER bomb, weighing 497 lbs, carries 192 lbs of TNT. In contrast, the 198-pound warhead of a GMLRS missile contains merely 51 pounds of explosives, thus leading to a sizable difference in destruction damage. Ukrainians have been deploying JDAM-ER bombs from several MiG-29, Su-27, or Su-24 planes, which will eventually be supplemented by older F-16A/B MLU planes.

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