TechUkrainians deploy ingenious decoys to outsmart Russian forces

Ukrainians deploy ingenious decoys to outsmart Russian forces

M1097 Avenger model
M1097 Avenger model
Images source: © X | Ukrainian Front

8:07 AM EDT, April 7, 2024

Ukrainians have unveiled their latest strategy against the Russian Federation Army, focusing on decoys designed to trick the opposition and provoke them into targeting specific locations. The decoys replicate air defense systems, specifically the HIMARS and M1097 Avenger.

Deploying model weapons on the battlefield is a tactic both sides employ in the conflict. The Russians use decoys resembling unmanned aerial vehicles like the Lancet and Zala. Similarly, the Ukrainians have demonstrated their knack for creating counterfeit models to mislead their adversaries.

Notably, images recently appeared online of a radar identified as the AN/MPQ-64 Sentinel, purportedly seized by Russian forces, only for it to be revealed as a meticulously crafted plywood replica.

Next models deployed by Ukrainians

The Ukrainians continue to refine their strategy of bewildering the enemy, which causes them to waste missiles on false targets. As a result, the defenders' actual military equipment remains unharmed.

So, what have the Ukrainians come up with this time? New images shared by the Ukrainian Front account on the X platform showcase two models (though there could be more): one mimicking the HIMARS and the other resembling the M1097 Avenger air defense system. These machines are particularly valuable targets for the Russians—the HIMARS M142, for instance, is a scaled-down version of the American MLRS M270, renowned for its effectiveness in combat.

The HIMARS system can launch MGM-140 ATACMS tactical missiles to hit enemy positions up to about 186 miles away. Its formidable striking capability and precision have earned it the nickname "god of war."

The second model represents the M1097 system. This launcher protects ground units from incoming missiles, unmanned aerial vehicles, airplanes, and helicopters. It's mounted on a modified HMMWV (Humvee) and features a turret with two FIM-92 Stinger launchers, each equipped with four "fire and forget" missiles.

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