NewsUkrainian volunteers violently attacked by Russian supporters in Prague

Ukrainian volunteers violently attacked by Russian supporters in Prague

Attack on Ukrainian volunteers in Prague
Attack on Ukrainian volunteers in Prague
Images source: © Telegram

6:47 AM EDT, June 2, 2024

Ukrainian volunteers from the organization "Pražský Maidan" were attacked by Russians in downtown Prague, Czech Republic. Published recordings on the internet show an aggressive woman snatching a phone from a volunteer.

Ukrainians from "Praski Majdan" peacefully demonstrate their support for Ukraine every Saturday in downtown Prague. They also collect donations to aid the army in its fight against the Russian aggressor. However, this time, an incident occurred during the demonstration.

Volunteers from the organization posted a video on social media showing their attack by a group of Putin supporters. A brawl between the volunteers and the Russians ensued, with objects like umbrellas and handbags used in the scuffle.

The aggression targeted, among others, a Ukrainian volunteer who was recording the incident. One of the Russian women attacked her both physically and verbally, eventually knocking the phone out of the volunteer's hand. "To be honest, I barely remember how it all looked, and at exactly what moment they knocked the phone from my hands (after which I was already furious)," writes a "Pražský Maidan" activist online.

Informal summit of foreign ministers in Prague

On Thursday and Friday, an informal summit of NATO foreign ministers took place in the Czech capital. Secretary of State Antony Blinken and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, among others, attended the meeting. The talks focused on the situation in Ukraine and the hybrid threat from Russia.

"I can tell you that in the meeting of foreign ministers today, virtually every Ally was seized with this intensification of Russia's hybrid attacks," Antony Blinken told journalists after the meeting concluded. "The Kremlin's also been intensifying its hybrid attacks against frontline states (...), setting fire and sabotaging supply warehouses, disregarding sea borders and demarcations in the Baltics, mounting more and more cyber attacks, continuing to spread disinformation. (...) We know what they're up to, and we will respond both individually and collectively as necessary," AFP quotes.

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