NewsUkrainian-Tatar group exposes Russian missile production plans

Ukrainian-Tatar group exposes Russian missile production plans

Ukrainian partisan action. They captured secret Russian documents.
Ukrainian partisan action. They captured secret Russian documents.
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1:28 PM EDT, March 20, 2024

The Ukrainian-Tatar resistance movement Atesz has come into possession of a secret Russian document detailing the production of supersonic air-to-ground Ch-32 cruise missiles.

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On Tuesday, the Atesz partisans shared documents on their official Telegram channel, revealing details about Russia's manufacturing process for Ch-32 cruise missiles.

"We previously disclosed that our agent had infiltrated an arms factory in the town of Dubna. We've now gained insights into the production plans and the facility's actual capabilities," the statement explained.

Members of the Atesz group have noted that the Russian company fell short of its 2022 production goals. Andrey Peregudov, the director of the Military-Industrial Complex department in Russia, has since urged the company's management to ramp up the production of this weaponry.

Moreover, the resistance movement reported that by 2024, the plant aims to produce 224 missiles for Putin's army. However, the company faces challenges in meeting its deadlines, with delays expected to continue into this year.

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Source: Ukrinform/Telegram

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