NewsUkrainian special forces capture Russian mercenaries in Sudan as part of global mission

Ukrainian special forces capture Russian mercenaries in Sudan as part of global mission

Ukrainian special forces captured three mercenaries from the Russian Wagner group in Sudan.
Ukrainian special forces captured three mercenaries from the Russian Wagner group in Sudan.
Images source: © Youtube | Kyiv Post

4:27 AM EST, February 8, 2024, updated: 3:58 AM EST, March 7, 2024

"We are on the side of righteousness. We are not just defending Ukraine, but also the legitimate government of Sudan," said Ukrainian military, Ihor Czeczerynda. He was commenting on the Kyiv Post's publication that included a video of the mercenary interrogation, believed to be conducted by the special unit of Ukrainian military intelligence (HUR).

Wagnerites captured in Africa

One captive, seen in the video, speaks in Russian. He reveals his affiliation to the so-called Wagner Group. He further alleges that the mercenaries' mission was to overthrow the Sudanese authorities, with numbers reaching up to a hundred.

The video also shows two men, probably local recruits, blindfolded and kneeling. One of them mentioned their pay scale was a thousand dollars.

Ukrainian Forces Operations in Sudan

The clip further reveals representatives of the Ukrainian forces examining a military truck strewn with the bodies of the Russian mercenaries. The vehicle exhibited signs of heavy gunfire; through the shattered front windshield, a dead soldier with a "Wagner Group" patch can be seen, as Kyiv Post writes.

The news outlet reported that the Ukrainian special forces have been stationed in Sudan for several months. Previously, the service has released a video that allegedly shows the annihilation of "Russian mercenaries" and their supporters in Sudan by Ukrainian drones.

Kyiv Post recollected that Kyrylo Budanow, the head of HUR, pledged last May to "eliminate Russian war criminals anywhere in the world". The operations in Sudan evidently seem to be a part of this mission.

Source: Kyiv Post, PAP

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