TechUkrainian soldiers praise US-supplied M2A2 Bradley tanks for lifesaving durability in Avdiivka conflict

Ukrainian soldiers praise US‑supplied M2A2 Bradley tanks for lifesaving durability in Avdiivka conflict

"M2A2 Bradley under Awdijiwka"
"M2A2 Bradley under Awdijiwka"
Images source: © X, @front_ukrainian

11:28 AM EST, January 17, 2024

Avdiivka holds strategic importance in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. It is often dubbed as the "gateway to Donetsk," a region both armies desperately seek to control. It's no secret that Kiev has deployed German Leopard 2 tanks and M2A2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles, supplied by the United States, into battle. One of these Bradleys was recently featured in a video that surfaced online.

The video shows a close-range firefight between the M2A2 Bradley and a Russian BMP-2 armored transport. Most likely, the final stages of the skirmish were captured in this video, where the Russian crew met defeat.

The Ukrainians in the M2A2 Bradley employed its primary weapon, the M242 Bushmaster 25mm automatic cannon. This weapon has a firing rate of 200 rounds per minute and an effective range of approximately 1.24 miles. In addition to this, the M2A2 Bradley is fortified with two machine guns and a twin launcher for anti-tank guided missiles.

This setup gives the Bradley impressive firepower. This, among other reasons, has led to its high esteem amongst Ukrainians. It is one of the most praised vehicles at the front line, backed by NATO.

An impressive feature of the M2A2 Bradley is its noteworthy durability. These American infantry fighting vehicles have repeatedly saved the lives of Ukrainians. Evidence such as photographs and videos confirm that the Russians have not managed to fully destroy these vehicles with a BM-21 Grad launcher or even following a bombardment from a T-72 tank. The robust armor of Bradleys is particularly invaluable in Avdiivka. Additionally, the M2A2 Bradley can be fitted with extra protection in the form of a BRAT - Bradley Reactive Armor Tiles package. In several instances, Ukrainians have already installed this element.

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