NewsUkrainian soldiers outmatch Russian assault near Avdiivka

Ukrainian soldiers outmatch Russian assault near Avdiivka

Two Ukrainian soldiers held back the assault of a larger group of Russians.
Two Ukrainian soldiers held back the assault of a larger group of Russians.
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11:55 AM EDT, March 10, 2024
A video shared on the "Warlife 18+" channel via Telegram highlights the courageous efforts of two Ukrainian soldiers thwarting an attack by Russian assault troops in the trenches near Avdiivka. This incident further demonstrates the inadequacy of the training provided to the Russian forces, who are vastly outmatched by the determined Ukrainian defenders.
Footage from a drone captures the Ukrainian soldiers skillfully eliminating enemy combatants. Displaying remarkable bravery, they employ grenades to create chaos before conclusively overpowering their opponents, who stood no chance against their proficiency.
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The 47th Mechanized Brigade, stationed under Avdiivka, represents a formidable force in the Ukrainian military, striking fear into the hearts of Russian soldiers. This brigade is celebrated for its dynamic assaults on enemy positions, often gaining widespread attention online.
Despite numerous losses, the Russians seemingly fail to grasp the futility of their assaults. Each attack against the 47th Brigade ends in devastating losses, a fact proudly highlighted on the Ukrainian army's website.
Anton Herashchenko, a former advisor to the Ukrainian Minister of Internal Affairs, shared the footage of this triumphant encounter on his X profile.
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The battle near Avdiivka rages on. This report emerges amidst Russian artillery strikes on Chasiv Yar and Ocheretyn in the Donetsk region, as conveyed by Vadim Filashkin, head of the Donetsk Military Regional Administration. These attacks resulted in one casualty, one injury, and damage to two homes.
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