NewsUkrainian soldier's daring capture: unarmed vs. armed Russians

Ukrainian soldier's daring capture: unarmed vs. armed Russians

He defeated three Russians without weapons. Now he has revealed the secret.
He defeated three Russians without weapons. Now he has revealed the secret.
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8:46 PM EST, November 27, 2023

A Ukrainian soldier of the 92nd Separate Assault Brigade, know by the pseudonym "Olegus", managed to capture three Russian soldiers without any grenades and armed with only an empty rifle. "One Russian was quite surprised when he realized my rifle was empty," explained the Ukrainian.

The story was shared by Anton Gerashchenko, an advisor to the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs. He narrated how the solitary Ukrainian soldier, "Olegus", captured his adversaries without any ammunition or grenades.

The Ukrainian soldier encountered a group of enemies during battle, but he was out of ammunition or grenades. Nonetheless, "Olegus" decided to hoodwink them.

He briefly mentioned how he came out of hiding and captured the enemy with his act. The attackers were approximately 296 feet away, necessitating rapid action on his part.

He aimed his gun at the enemy and began yelling, "Surrender! Or I'll throw grenades and end your lives. We managed to capture all three, there was no one else. Upon their complete disarmament, I began reloading my rifle. One was taken aback when he realized the rifle was empty," "Olegus" recalls.

Ukrainian hackers breach Russian defense system

Ukrainian hackers infiltrated the Department of Information and Mass Communications of the Russian Ministry of Defense, led by Igor Konashenkov. They accessed the Russian media monitoring and analytics system, "Katyusha". This data was provided by the intelligence community, InformNapalm, which analyzed information from the hacker group, Cyber Resistance.

"The employees of the Department and press services of military districts and fleets controlled by Igor Konashenkov are constantly analyzing the information field of the Russian Federation," was revealed by the hackers.
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