NewsUkrainian soldiers buy their own guns as ammo runs low

Ukrainian soldiers buy their own guns as ammo runs low

Yegor Oleynik revealed the truth about the Ukrainian army.
Yegor Oleynik revealed the truth about the Ukrainian army.
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7:01 AM EDT, April 30, 2024

"We're buying night vision scopes and machine guns ourselves," a soldier fighting for Ukraine's freedom expressed in shock. Yegor Oleynik believes the enemy is much better equipped, while his country provides its warriors with only helmets, magazines, or bulletproof vests.

The conflict in Ukraine has persisted for over two years, with the last few months being particularly challenging for soldiers to defend themselves due to a significant lack of ammunition. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has repeatedly appealed to the West for support, hoping the situation will improve with aid from the United States.

Increasingly, Ukrainian soldiers are voicing criticism against the commanders of individual battalions. On Ukrainian television, Yegor Oleynik stated that those fighting against the Russians must procure their equipment. This claim was highlighted in a recording posted on the X platform under the profile "ASLAN".

"With each day, it gets better, because we're purchasing night vision scopes and machine guns on our own. What we receive from headquarters are just magazines, helmets, or bulletproof vests," Oleynik commented on Ukrainian television.

He also pointed out that the enemy has a significantly larger supply of magazines, among other advantages.

Ukrainian Forces Resort to Self-Equipment

In a television interview, Yegor Oleynik conveyed that self-financing equipment is costly, often requiring expenditures of up to $1,500.

A notable issue is the rapid wear and tear of personally purchased equipment. According to Oleynik, magazine use is minimal when soldiers hold their positions, but the scenario changes when moving into combat positions.

In recent times, other soldiers have also voiced their dissatisfaction. Following the Russian occupation of Ocheretino in Donetsk oblast, a member of the 115th Mechanized Brigade broke the silence to reveal his company was "literally destroyed." He lamented the troops' lack of preparation for combat, suggesting an indifference from commanders and a disregard for military personnel.

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