NewsUkrainian snipers neutralize twelve Russian aggressors in Avdiivka standoff

Ukrainian snipers neutralize twelve Russian aggressors in Avdiivka standoff

Ukrainian snipers worked around Avdiivka, the results are impressive.
Ukrainian snipers worked around Avdiivka, the results are impressive.
Images source: © Telegram
10:47 AM EST, December 1, 2023

Recently, snipers from the Ukrainian Armed Forces' Special Operations Forces have been highly engaged in Avdiivka. As a result of their operations, twelve Russian aggressors have been neutralized, and one even surrendered, realizing the futility of matching a sniper. This fortified Ukrainian city, located near Donetsk, is still a hotbed of more battles to come.

The struggle around Avdiivka is immensely intense, with the Russians launching attacks regardless of the casualties they suffer. Consequently, snipers from the Ukrainian Special Operations Forces were deployed to the area, effectively thinning the ranks of the attackers. A video released from the front line by the Ukrainian Armed Forces shows Ukrainian snipers halting the Russians' advance.

A total of twelve Russian soldiers have been successfully targeted by Ukrainian snipers. From a kilometer (0.62 miles) away, they meticulously took down their unsuspecting enemies. Gradually and systematically, they neutralized the threats, safeguarding their units and comrades in battle. This is a true depiction of the current war.

The footage documenting the snipers' actions is raw and intense. It showcases Russian soldiers taken by surprise, under attack from an unseen sniper over a kilometer (0.62 miles) away. The sniper conducts his duties calmly and accurately, eliminating enemies one by one. The infantry stood no chance.

Despite their attempts to secure themselves, Vladimir Putin's soldiers were defenseless. One even tried to flee, only to no avail. The meticulous precision of snipers makes it nearly impossible to escape once they have a target in sight. Subsequent events of the battle demonstrate how the Ukrainian snipers persistently execute their duties. The Russian soldier who surrendered perhaps did so in a bid to save his life.

The brutality of the war and the harsh codes of the battlefield are vividly evident in the video below. Be warned, the scenes in the film are graphic.

The achievements of Ukrainian snipers have been notably prominent for some time now. In mid-November, one of them hit a Russian soldier from a distance of 3800 meters (2.36 miles), setting a new world record for the longest successful sniper shot in history. The elite sniper used a Horizon's Lord weapon for this jaw-dropping feat.

Another distinguished Ukrainian sniper, now serving in the 24th Independent Mechanized Brigade, managed to eliminate sixteen enemies in just an hour, a year ago. Unquestionably, he had his hands full.

Moreover, the conflict rages on in Avdiivka, the Donetsk region's most fortified Ukrainian stronghold, continuing to be alarmingly severe and bloody. Ukrainian forces are holding their line, defending the city and the coke plant against attacks launched from the east, north, and south. While the opposition is attempting to surround the city, their advancement is minimal thus far.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian Armed Forces continue to counter the relentless waves of onslaught, anticipating the moment the Russians will finally capitulate. The ongoing battle has become a war symbol, akin to the battle for Bahmut the previous year. Both factions endure heavy losses; that is the grim reality.

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