NewsUkrainian robbed in Turkey, kills both of the thieves. A recording from Alanya

Ukrainian robbed in Turkey, kills both of the thieves. A recording from Alanya

A Ukrainian killed two Azerbaijani citizens who robbed him.
A Ukrainian killed two Azerbaijani citizens who robbed him.
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11:26 AM EST, November 12, 2023

Shocking events unfolded in Alanya, Turkey when a Ukrainian citizen was robbed of a large sum of money by two individuals from Azerbaijan. The thieves fled the scene on a motorcycle, however, the victim, Dmytro C., pursued them. First, he fired a shot, and when that didn't deter them, he fatally struck them. A recording of the entire incident has been shared online.

The Turkish media reports that the incident occurred on a Friday (November 10) in Alanya, Turkey. According to the reports, two men, identified as Murat O. and Elnur B., approached Dmytro C., who was sitting in his jeep. One of the thieves was confirmed to be a citizen of Azerbaijan.

Retaliatory killings captured on video

The recording that was shared online depicted one of the attackers forcefully breaking the vehicle's window. He struggled with the Ukrainian citizen, snatched a bag of money, and then swiftly jumped onto the waiting motorcycle. His accomplice assisted him in pilfering the banknotes from the stolen bag.

While the thieves managed to flee the scene, Dmytro C. took it upon himself to retrieve the stolen money. According to the, the sum equates to roughly 36,000 euros ($43,378.48).

Dmytro C. left the scene of the crime in his jeep. He turned the vehicle around and chased the thieves, who were speeding away on the motorcycle. He first attempted to stop them by firing a shot from a firearm, and, failing that, he ran over them. Both thieves were killed on the spot. You can watch the video of this incident below.

Ukrainian apprehended by police

Police quickly arrived at the scene of the dramatic incident. Uniformed officers took Dmytro C. into custody. During the inspection of the scene, the gendarmerie discovered a gun and an empty shell casing.

Dmytro C. was subsequently interrogated by the gendarmerie, then presented to the court, where he was required to provide his account of the incident. Based on Turkish law, he potentially faces life imprisonment for the murders.

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