NewsUkrainian presidential advisor: Russia incapable of large-scale offensive, despite robust weaponry

Ukrainian presidential advisor: Russia incapable of large-scale offensive, despite robust weaponry

The Ukrainian military expects an intensified offensive operation by the Russian army in a few months.
The Ukrainian military expects an intensified offensive operation by the Russian army in a few months.
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8:55 AM EST, January 27, 2024

Ukrainian presidential advisor Mychajlo Podolak reported his observations on Saturday to the Ukrainian television channel 24 portal. He noted a significant disparity between today's Russian army and the force that was prepared to attack Ukraine in 2022.

Despite its abundant forces and good weaponry, Podolak stated that the Russian Federation is still struggling. "Moscow fights through sheer numbers. They have substantial weaponry at their disposal, both old and new models," expressed Podolak.

Ukrainian president's advisor: Russia unable to launch a large-scale offensive

The presidential advisor further elaborated on the puzzling reality of Russia's new weaponry supplies. "Why were they able to quietly produce Iskanders or Calibers etc. by the end of 2023?" he asked. This production occurred despite western sanctions intended to impede Russia from supplying its military, given that the production required parts imported from other countries.

Further, although the Ukrainian representative noted that the Russians do not possess sufficient potential to handle their adversaries. "Russia is no longer capable of organizing such a substantial offensive operation. Today, they are actively attempting operations in Donetsk. We observe 60-80 battles occurring there. But Ukraine, after two years of war, acutely understands what needs to be done and how to counter these actions," affirmed Podolak.

A report by the British "Financial Times", which cited Ukrainian officials, suggested that Moscow might be preparing for a summer offensive. The Kremlin's plans appear to annex the remaining parts of Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson, and Zaporozhye regions within a few months. These plans were announced by Vladimir Putin in September 2022. Furthermore, Russia may also attempt to take over Kharkov or even Kyiv.

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