NewsUkrainian partisans ambush Chechen unit near Melitopol, detonate vehicle

Ukrainian partisans ambush Chechen unit near Melitopol, detonate vehicle

The partisans blew up the car of the Kadyrovtsy.
The partisans blew up the car of the Kadyrovtsy.
Images source: © Telegram
1:38 PM EST, November 28, 2023

Ukrainian partisans assaulted Ramzan Kadyrov's Chechen unit near Melitopol, detonating their vehicle. The Russians are yet to establish the victim count, as they failed to apprehend the culprits. Ivan Fedorov, a mayor loyal to the authorities in Kyiv, relayed the assault details, a city under occupation for almost two years.

The Ukrainian partisans' assault on the Chechens happened last weekend. The attack happened near the village of Myrne, a few miles from the city under Russian occupation since 2022. An unspecified group fired shots at the Kadyrov unit, and when the Chechens anticipated assistance, their vehicle was blown up by the enemy.

Ramzan Kadyrov's soldiers' vehicle, a Lada Niva, was completely incinerated. The Russians are yet to conclude the victim count and the identity of the attackers. Nonetheless, finding the assailants may take some time; local partisans effectively conduct operations against the occupiers.

The data from the battlefield and the Kadyrov unit assault are severe. Given the element of surprise and familiarity with the landscape the Ukrainian unit had, they likely suffered significant losses.

Ramzan Kadyrov, much like his men, is fond of posing with firearms. However, when it comes to combat, the Chechens are not known for their effectiveness. For this reason, they're nicknamed the "TikTok Army" in Ukraine.

Their most notable mission was likely their expeditions on Kyiv, when in spring 2022, the Ukrainians decimated an entire column of vehicles transporting Ramzan Kadyrov's soldiers and eliminated several top-ranking officers.

The Ukrainians have also posed challenges against the Chechen soldiers at various front line locations, leading to heavy withdrawals and losses for Ramzan Kadyrov's troops. This was the case in Bakhmut, Kharkov Oblast, or following the partisan assault on Belgorod.

The Ukrainians maintain that despite the occupiers' endeavours to suppress or intimidate the resistance movement in the occupied territories, enemy elimination will continue systematically until liberation. Locals sabotage the water and food supply and target officers and collaborators.

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