NewsUkrainian offensive takes down Russia's $330M A-50 reconnaissance aircraft over the Sea of Azov

Ukrainian offensive takes down Russia's $330M A‑50 reconnaissance aircraft over the Sea of Azov

The final flight of the downed Russian A-50 captured on recording
The final flight of the downed Russian A-50 captured on recording
Images source: © X | @Bielsat_pl
4:11 AM EST, January 16, 2024

On Sunday, January 14, the Ukrainian military said it successfully intercepted an A-50 Beriev aircraft over the Sea of Azov. The Russians employ aircraft of this type for long-range patrols and aerial surveillance. They contributed to Russia's aerial defense and undertook reconnaissance during the Ukraine invasion.

Terminating the A-50 signifies a significant loss for the Russian military, extending beyond the surveillance and information-gathering capacity. This ultra-modern model comes at an approximate cost of 330 million dollars. The aircraft possesses a sophisticated radar system capable of tracking ground targets up to 186 miles away and airborne targets up to 403 miles.

As time passes, further details about the situation are emerging. It has been reported that the downing of the aircraft was a result of an extensive Ukrainian offensive, part of a broader attack on the coasts of the Sea of Azov, that occurred on Sunday evening around 2:00 PM Eastern Time.

As a consequence of the attack, the A-50 plummeted into the sea, while another plane, the Il-22M bomber, sustained damage from a rocket but managed to return to the airport in Anapa.

The video is thought to capture the very A-50 model, which was later brought down by an attack while it was performing a patrol over Ukrainian positions. The footage is believed to be the last record of this aircraft, suggesting it was recorded mere hours before the attack.

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