NewsUkrainian offensive disrupts Russian command in Crimea, sparks exodus from Belgorod

Ukrainian offensive disrupts Russian command in Crimea, sparks exodus from Belgorod

Destroyed Voronezh radar system
Destroyed Voronezh radar system
Images source: © Telegram
6:23 AM EST, January 6, 2024

It is believed that the Ukrainians launched an attack on the peninsula, which is occupied by Russians, using drones and missiles. However, the specifics are not known. Reports of the destruction conducted by Atesz members were announced on January 5th, Eastern Time, by the National Resistance Center of Ukraine.

Besides the base near Yevpatoria, other targets included Sevastopol.

Atesz partisan movement members carried out surveillance at the attack scene and confirmed that critical Russian military communication systems were damaged. Reports suggest that the command center, responsible for secure communication with the Kremlin and which also coordinated airspace defense across occupied Crimea, was destroyed during the attack.

An attack on Crimea took place on January 5th, Eastern Time as well. However, Russian anti-aircraft defense reported intercepting four Ukrainian missiles during the night from January 5th to January 6th Eastern Time. Due to Ukrainian activities, the occupation authorities decided to close the Crimean Bridge.

Russian exodus from Belgorod

Crimea isn't the only target of Ukrainian attacks. Strikes were also made on Belgorod, located at the Ukraine border. According to an announcement by Viacheslav Gladkov, the governor of Belgorod Oblast, on January 5th Eastern Time, some city residents have been evacuated.

The Kyiv Independent reports that the number of people eager to leave Belgorod is so high that "the accommodation centers in the Belgorod region will not be able to accommodate everyone applying for relocation, and it will ask for help from the governors of other regions".

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