NewsUkrainian mother who fled war-torn homeland sees future tied to her new country

Ukrainian mother who fled war‑torn homeland sees future tied to her new country

The invasion of Russia into Ukraine continues. People are dying there all the time.
The invasion of Russia into Ukraine continues. People are dying there all the time.
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5:22 AM EST, February 24, 2024

February 24 marked two years since the start of full-scale warfare between Russia and Ukraine. Russian forces assaulted our eastern neighbors, bombarding Lviv, Kiev, and Odessa. Thousands of lives were lost, and millions were left homeless.

The scale of the conflict forced many Ukrainians to evacuate immediately. Poles received their neighbors warmly, providing food, shelter, and unforgettable gestures of solidarity.

Among those who managed to escape the threats posed by the Russians was Ira Chernova from Kryvyi Rih. Fleeing Ukraine, she carried her infant son, Arseniy, in her arms. In an interview with "Fact", she recounts their harrowing journey and their arrival in Łódź.

It was difficult, but my friends didn't let me down, neither did the Poles. They opened their hearts to me. I had to start from nothing. Despite not knowing the language, and with an 11-month-old baby in tow, I managed to make my escape - a tearful Ukrainian explained to "Fakt".

This Ukrainian woman wants to make Poland her new home

Despite being a preschool teacher and knowing three languages (Ukrainian, English, Russian), Ira Chernova did not immediately secure a job in Poland. Her partner remained in their home country, where he continued working while awaiting potential conscription.

After two years, the woman now speaks Polish incredibly well."Fakt" reports that she sees her future tied to our country.

I want to continue my studies here. My future belongs to Poland. Things are still unstable in Kryvyi Rih, and all I want is a normal life for my family. My little boy is safe here. I carry deep homesickness because it's my homeland, but Arseniy's wellbeing is the priority - concludes a moved Ira Chernova.
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