TechUkrainian major warns of looming large-scale Russian attack with Kalibr missiles: tactical shift expected

Ukrainian major warns of looming large-scale Russian attack with Kalibr missiles: tactical shift expected

Kalibr missile barrage - illustrative photo
Kalibr missile barrage - illustrative photo
Images source: © forum | Russian Defence Ministry

9:56 AM EST, January 29, 2024, updated: 4:41 AM EST, March 7, 2024

Hetman observes that the Russians might launch Kalibr missiles from the Caspian Sea rather than their customary Black Sea base. According to him, this tactical shift in the Russian army stems from the relocation of their ships to Novorossiysk following successful attacks by the Ukrainians. Seeking alternatives to evade the threat, the Russians are exploring different ways to deploy the Kalibr towards Ukraine.

The expert, Hetman estimates that the Russians can manufacture around 25 Kalibr missiles a month. Furthermore, Ukrainian assessments indicate that the aggressor has as many as 200 of these missiles ready for use. This poses a grave concern for Ukraine, given that Kalibrs are among Russia's deadliest weapons. - Flying at high altitudes, they are difficult to intercept and are a formidable weapon, second only to Ch-101 missiles. I suspect they're planning something, warns Hetman.

The Kalibr is a comprehensive Russian arms system comprising several types of missiles: anti-ship maneuvering missiles (3M54), land-target maneuvering missiles (3M14), and underwater ship missile torpedoes (91R). Typically, Kalibr missiles are launched from surface and underwater platforms.

Because it includes various types of missiles, different models of the Kalibr have unique technical parameters. The 91RE1 rocket, for instance, has the shortest range in this family of weapons at just 31 miles. However, the anti-ship variant, 3M54, can reach distances just under 435 miles. The biggest threat lies in the land-target versions which can achieve a range exceeding 932 miles.

The distinctions extend also to the construction of these missiles, especially in the mass of explosive material housed in disparate warheads, whether conventional or nuclear. For example, the warhead of the 3M54-1 variant holds almost 1102 pounds of explosive material. For accurate targeting, the manufacturer, OKB Novator PWO Almaz-Antey, has incorporated guideline-based navigation, satellite navigation, and DSMAC radar-active guidance into the Kalibr model.

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