NewsUkrainian intelligence snares $1.35bn worth of secret Russian military docs, sources blame discontented employees at STC

Ukrainian intelligence snares $1.35bn worth of secret Russian military docs, sources blame discontented employees at STC

Images source: © Wikimedia Commons

9:08 AM EST, January 9, 2024

According to the Defense Intelligence press service, they have received about 100 gigabytes of classified data from the Russian company Special Technological Center LLC (STC). This company develops military equipment the Russians use in their conflict with Ukraine. Their main products include unmanned systems, electronic combat, and recognition systems.

The obtained documentation features up to 194 existing and potential future military equipment items. These include drawings, specifications, patents, parameters, software, etc.

Specifically, the intelligence officers have acquired documentation on drones Orlan-10, Altius, Inokhodets, Sirius, electronic warfare systems 14C227 Tobol and Svet-KU, communication systems R-438 Barrier-T and R-168 Aqueduct, and Kometa chips.

Why were the documents leaked? Discontented employees

The blogger Apostoł Dmitrij, who took part in the operation, claims that confidential information was taken from the Russian company due to dissatisfied employees who were frustrated with the company's corruption and management policies. This information should aid the Ukrainian military in their more effective fight against Russian armament. Notably, some of the acquired documents, particularly those related to future projects, could potentially be used to improve Ukrainian weaponry.

Monday marked the 683rd day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

President Volodymyr Zelensky announced that 45 people were injured and four killed in the Russian missile attack on this day. However, the Ukrainians are not backing down. They continue to fire at the border city of Belgorod. Consequently, the Russians initially extended winter vacations by ten days due to fears of attacks on the region, and subsequently decided to evacuate 300 people from the city.

Reports from Russian local authorities and the Ministry of Defense suggest that their anti-aircraft defense managed to down 10 missiles near Belgorod. Wiesław Gładkow, the governor of the Belgorod region, declared that the attack resulted in at least three people being injured, and damage occurred to three civilian houses and vehicles.

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