NewsUkrainian government to stay at Polish border amid farmers' blockade: Zelensky uncertain

Ukrainian government to stay at Polish border amid farmers' blockade: Zelensky uncertain

Zełenski announced that a working group from Ukraine is heading to the border with Poland.
Zełenski announced that a working group from Ukraine is heading to the border with Poland.
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8:15 AM EST, February 24, 2024

Ukraine's Prime Minister, Denys Shmyhal, along with ministers responsible for exports, imports, trade and logistics, heads of the Border Guard, and those overseeing infrastructure and agriculture, are part of the said group. "This group, under the leadership of the prime minister, will be at the border with Poland today," Zelensky announced at a press conference alongside Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen.

"Whether Polish colleagues will be there is their decision; we cannot be there tomorrow. Tomorrow marks the two-year anniversary of this conflict, of this ongoing war," Ukraine's president added.

Zelensky expressed gratitude to Poland for the assistance they've shown since the start of the Russian invasion in Ukraine, stating: "Maintaining our relationships is important to us, but also maintaining the truth. It is significant. Ukrainian grain is unable to reach the Polish market. This is occurring at Poland's request. We have found alternate routes. However, when we discuss transit, this falls somewhat outside the scope of European law. Hence, we are prepared and devoted to resolving this matter," the president emphasized.

Tusk's Invitation

On Wednesday, Volodymyr Zelensky published an extensive post on platform X, calling for a meeting at the border with the head of the Polish government to resolve the issue brought about by the blockade of protesting Polish farmers.

The President of Ukraine expressed his hope for the meeting to be held before the second anniversary of the war outbreak in Ukraine, which will occur on Saturday.

During a Thursday press conference, Prime Minister Donald Tusk assured that he understands the situation and the emotions on the Ukrainian side. Tusk confirmed that during his visit to Kyiv it was agreed that the full Polish and Ukrainian governments would meet.

"In consultation with Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal, and with President Volodymyr Zelensky's knowledge, a meeting of the two governments is set to take place in Warsaw on March 28. I'm hopeful that ministerial and deputy ministerial level technical discussions will lead to a productive meeting concerning border issues and our bilateral trade exchange," said the Polish premier.

Tusk also indicated that to ensure military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine is delivered without delays, border crossings with Ukraine will be labeled as critical infrastructure, including specific road and railway sections.

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