TechUkrainian 'god of war' HIMARS system decimates Russian artillery in shelling onslaught

Ukrainian 'god of war' HIMARS system decimates Russian artillery in shelling onslaught

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11:23 AM EST, December 31, 2023

The video features the Soviet rocket artillery system BM-27 Uragan, which appears to have been "destroyed or damaged" by Ukrainian HIMARS operators. Unfortunately, the Ukrainian Front hasn't specified the exact location of this attack.

It's worth mentioning that this attack, as depicted in the recording, is one of many executed by Ukrainians with the help of the HIMARS system. This weapon significantly eliminated the Buk-M1 launchers from the frontline, among other things, in recent weeks. A few days before this incident, Ukrainians proudly reported having destroyed the 2S3 Akatsiya.

HIMARS relentlessly takes on the Russian BM-27

HIMARS is often called the "god of war", and with good reason. This nickname largely stems from the remarkable efficiency this American rocket artillery system demonstrated in combat scenarios.

This weapon is designed to shell with various types of ammunition. Standard MLRS caliber 227 mm shells can reach about 49.7 miles. Additionally, HIMARS can launch short-range MGM-140 ATACMS ballistic missiles, which, depending on the model, can cover up to 186.4 miles. The rockets utilized in the system combine inertial and satellite navigation, guaranteeing target accuracy within a few yards. This high precision is evidenced by numerous recordings of targeted attacks conducted by Ukrainians.

Concerning the weapon targeted by HIMARS in the recording above, Putin's army can add a universal rocket artillery system from the 1970s to their list of losses. The launcher of this universal system can fire several different 220 mm caliber projectiles, including:

  • 9M27F (destructive with 112.4 lbs of explosive material);
  • 9M27K1 (cluster featuring 30 submunitions, each weighing 3.9 lbs);
  • 9M27K2 (cluster with 27 anti-tank mines PGMDM);
  • 9M27K3 (cluster shell containing 312 anti-infantry mines PFM-1);
  • 9M51 (guided).

The essential part of the BM-27 Uragan system is a 16-tube launcher, mounted on the chassis of a ZIL-135LM truck. The vehicle is operated by a crew of four, with a max speed of about 40.4 mph and a maximum operational range of 310.6 miles.

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