NewsUkrainian General Warns: Divided Attitudes May Aid Russian Victory

Ukrainian General Warns: Divided Attitudes May Aid Russian Victory

Shocking words from the commander. "The enemy may defeat us with the help of Ukrainians"
Shocking words from the commander. "The enemy may defeat us with the help of Ukrainians"
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1:26 PM EDT, March 25, 2024

The commander of the Ukrainian Ground Forces, General Oleksandr Pavluk, delivered a stern message to his fellow Ukrainians. He warned that Russia might prevail in the war if Ukrainians' attitudes towards military service do not shift. "The enemy can defeat us with the help of Ukrainians themselves," he declared.

"Why can the enemy defeat us with the help of Ukrainians themselves? A masterclass in the art of war involves destroying the enemy's plans and defeating them without committing troops to battle," General Oleksandr Pavluk shared on Facebook.

Pavluk pointed out that in recent months, Russians have adeptly applied ancient Chinese military strategies.

"Some of our fellow citizens have, unfortunately, failed to grasp that their actions and statements in public have turned into a formidable weapon for the enemy. The enemy has not and will never give up its ambition to destroy Ukraine," emphasized the ground forces commander.

The General reflected on the sentiments expressed on Ukrainian social media two years ago compared to today's commentary. "From the lines at military enlistment offices and the meme 'if to serve, then everyone is sick, and if to fight, then everyone is healthy', we've transitioned to harassing military personnel from enlistment offices and lending moral support to those avoiding the defense of Ukraine," he observed.

General accuses media and bloggers

Pawluk remarked that two years back, even with a fraction of the current air defense systems, weaponry, and comprehensive war experience, the Ukrainian people deeply understood the significance of disrupting mobilization in Russia. "We celebrated every torched recruitment office and eagerly watched as draft dodgers panicked, fleeing to Georgia and Kazakhstan," he mentioned.

According to the general, "bloggers and media" have regrettably contributed to the fragmentation of Ukrainian unity by reporting on "unfortunate dodgers in the Tisa," fleeing mobilization.

Discusses "military strategy of ancient China"

He elaborated that the media shows little interest in "the operations of recruitment offices, the specifics of military service, or the necessity of serving." "At present, recruitment offices and their guard companies are mainly manned by soldiers who have sacrificed their health in the war and are considered unfit for combat units. How did we come to view these individuals, who endured immense suffering, as adversaries and label them 'cannibals'?" General Pavluk questioned.

"Setting the army against civilians is a core principle of the military strategy of ancient China," General Pavluk recalled.

"Therefore, before we circulate another 'human rights violation story' or the plight of 'poor dodgers', we should consider: who does this narrative help win the war? Certainly not Ukraine," he concluded.

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