NewsUkrainian forces withdraw from Canal as Russians advance on Donetsk

Ukrainian forces withdraw from Canal as Russians advance on Donetsk

Battle for Chasiv Yar. Russians push out Ukrainians
Battle for Chasiv Yar. Russians push out Ukrainians
Images source: © PAP | Dmytro Smolienko

12:12 PM EDT, July 4, 2024

Nazar Voloshyn, the spokesperson for the operational-strategic group of soldiers Chortica, whose soldiers are fighting in Chasiv Jar, confirmed that the command has decided to withdraw troops from one of the city's districts, Canal. This is not the only recent success for the Russians. They have also managed to capture two localities in the Donetsk region, in the so-called Pokrovsk direction.

Due to shortages in the Ukrainian army's weaponry and ammunition, the Russians have extended the front line, yielding results. As reported by Deep State on its Telegram channel, the Russians are achieving success on several fronts. In the Donetsk region, advancing towards Pokrowsk, they captured two localities: Sokil and Voschod.

Deep State also reported Wednesday evening that the Russians had forced the Ukrainians to withdraw from one of the districts of Chasiv Jar, Canal.

Nazar Voloshyn, the spokesperson for the operational-strategic group of soldiers Chortyca, whose soldiers are fighting in Czasiw Jar, confirmed this information on Thursday.

Lieutenant Colonel Voloshyn explained that "holding the Canal district after the enemy entered became pointless, as it endangered the lives and health of our soldiers, and our defenders' positions were destroyed."

Voloshyn added that the command decided to relocate the forces to "better protected and prepared positions." Nevertheless, as he noted, "Even there the enemy does not cease combat actions."

Chasiv Jar. Its loss will open the way for the Russians to Kostiantynivka

Chasiv Jar is a locality previously used as a logistics hub for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Its strategic location on elevated ground has significant operational importance.

According to the American Institute for the Study of War, Russian forces' potential takeover of Chasiv Jar could open the way for an offensive on nearby Kostiantynivka. The latter has long been seen as a critical target in the Russian operation in Donbas.

If Russian forces manage to capture these localities, it would likely enable preparations for an attack on Kramatorsk and Sloviansk. These are the two most important cities in Donbas that remain under the control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Russian successes are paid for with enormous losses. As reported by the Ukrainian General Staff on Thursday, on the last day, Ukrainians have taken about 1,200 Russian soldiers out of combat.

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