NewsUkrainian forces under siege. Outnumbered 7 to 1 at the front line

Ukrainian forces under siege. Outnumbered 7 to 1 at the front line

Mobilization in Russia
Mobilization in Russia
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2:52 PM EDT, April 12, 2024

"The enemy outnumbers our forces by 7 to 10 times; the scarcity of soldiers is the main challenge faced by Ukrainian troops," stated General Jurij Sodol, commander of the "Chortyca" Group, during his address to the Ukrainian Supreme Council on Thursday. He highlighted that the number of active soldiers in brigades and companies is significantly lower than the several dozen needed.

In a session of the Ukrainian Supreme Council on Thursday, General Jurij Sodol, commander of the Operational-Strategic Group Chortyca, underscored the grave issues confronting the Ukrainian armed forces. He pinpointed the acute shortage of soldiers as the critical weakness, leaving them vastly outnumbered by their adversary, often by a factor of 7 to 10.

Defending significantly less territory

General Sodol pointed out the drastic reduction in manpower within units—often down to two, and at most three or four individuals, compared to the ideal team size of eight to ten. Consequently, these diminished teams can only defend a 66-foot section of the front line instead of the optimal 328 feet.

The complexity of the situation is magnified at the brigade level. According to General Sodol, regulations stipulate that a brigade should cover as much as nine miles of the front. Yet, given the current personnel strength, a brigade can only secure slightly more than three miles, or sometimes even less. This necessitates deploying three times the number of brigades usually required, further straining the military resources.

Mobilization Act enacted

Under normal circumstances, two additional brigades might have the opportunity to rest and regroup or supplement a strike force for offensive operations. However, General Sodol observed that these brigades are currently compelled to hold the front line, exacerbating the strain on their forces.

In conclusion, General Sodol urged parliament to endorse the mobilization law, asserting its critical importance for the Ukrainian armed forces. "Please pass this law; it's crucial for our defense efforts," he implored, emphasizing the desperate situation at the front.

Following General Sodol's appeal, the Ukrainian Supreme Council ratified the mobilization law on Thursday. This legislation revamps the existing conscription framework, integrating enhancements such as the capacity for authorities to dispatch military summons electronically. The passage of this law comes after considerable delays and the proposal of thousands of amendments.

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