NewsUkrainian Forces Turn the Tables on 'Russian Hellish Weapon' in Terny

Ukrainian Forces Turn the Tables on 'Russian Hellish Weapon' in Terny

TOS-1A, illustrative photo
TOS-1A, illustrative photo
Images source: © X, NEXTA

6:16 AM EDT, April 4, 2024

A video has surfaced online, showcasing Ukrainian forces successfully destroying an enemy TOS-1A system. This weapon, known for its devastating firepower and operational capabilities, is often dubbed the "Russian hellish weapon." Let's recap its key features.

For an extended period, Ukrainians have been under the terror of the TOS-1A systems wielded by Russian forces. However, the defenders skillfully neutralized the enemy's weapon this time, employing an unmanned machine. Reports on social media indicate that this notable event occurred near Terny, a town situated in the Donetsk region—a hotspot for fierce battles where Ukrainian and Russian forces are vying for control, including over abandoned Stridsvagn 122 tanks in the contested "no man's land."

Successful attack on the Russian TOS-1A system

The credit for destroying another TOS-1A unit goes to the actions of the 12th Special Purpose Brigade (Azov). An FPV (First Person View) drone—an unmanned vehicle equipped with a live feed, allowing the operator to see the battlefield until the moment of impact—was deployed to take out the Russian equipment.

Introduced in 1987, the TOS-1A is a rocket artillery system that is simple in construction yet known as one of the most fearsome weapons in the Russian arsenal used in Ukraine, primarily due to its ability to fire 220 mm thermobaric missiles.

The launcher contains 24 missiles, each containing about 99 pounds of thermobaric explosive. Upon detonation at the target, the explosion generates an intense temperature reaching up to 5,432 degrees Fahrenheit in the epicenter—equivalent to a small nuclear blast, albeit without the radiation.

Built upon the chassis of a T-72 tank, the TOS-1A spans 31 feet in length, 11.8 feet in width, and weighs approximately 50.7 tons. Powered by an 840 horsepower engine, it can reach speeds up to 37 mph. Its tracked traction enables effective maneuverability across challenging terrains.
Nevertheless, its major limitation is the relatively short range of about 3.7 miles. This necessity to frequently relocate the TOS-1A exposes it—and its three-person crew—to potential Ukrainian counterattacks.
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