TechUkrainian forces take out two Russian Su-34s in daring drone attack on Morozovsk airfield

Ukrainian forces take out two Russian Su‑34s in daring drone attack on Morozovsk airfield

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2:35 PM EST, December 19, 2023

We note that the attack was a cooperative effort between Ukrainian security forces and armed forces, which occurred on the 17th of December, Sunday. The target was the base of the 559th bombing aviation regiment in Morozovsk, where the adversary had concentrated a total of 24 Su-34 bombers.

According to Ukrainian sources citing enemy-provided data, the assault entailed 17 unidentified drones resulting in two Russian Su-34s being irreparably damaged and 10 others sustaining damage. Reportedly, the Russian anti-aircraft defense system Pantsir-S1 managed to shoot down seven drones, thus enabling ten unmanned aircraft to hit targets on the airfield.

Russian tactical bombers: Su-34

It wasn't accidental that the Ukrainians chose the airfield in Morozovsk for their attack. This is where a base containing Russian bombers for attacks into central Ukraine is deployed. Despite being located over 124 miles from the front line, it's important to mention that the Ukrainians recently reported on the deployment of long-range AQ 400 Scythe "Kosa" drones. This proves that Ukrainian forces can now engage targets within Russia from secure positions that are hundreds of miles distant from the actual combat area.

At the moment of the assault on the airfield in Morozovsk, there were 24 Su-34 models. These aircraft initially numbered about 140 before the commencement of the war. However, since the Russians invaded Ukraine, a minimum of 20 confirmed losses have been reported. The Su-34 bombers are an advanced variant of the Su-27 fighter. The first flight of a "thirty-four" took place in 1990.

With a length of just below 77 feet and a wingspan of 48 feet, the bomber is capable of attaining speeds up to 1181 mph (measured at an altitude of 36,089 feet above sea level). It can operate at altitudes of up to 10,563 miles and has a range of 2485 miles. The aircraft's propulsion is facilitated by two AL-31F M1 turbojet engines.

A Su-34 can carry payloads at 12 knots, and the cumulative weight of its armament can reach nearly 17637 lbs. Regarding the aircraft's armament, it's worth mentioning that it could accommodate air bombs like FAB-500 and KAB-500 and also tactical nuclear bombs such as TN-450, TN-1000, and TN-2000. Additionally, the manufacturer has installed a GSz-30-1 30 mm cannon.

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