TechUkrainian forces take down advanced Russian defense systems using Polish Warmate drones

Ukrainian forces take down advanced Russian defense systems using Polish Warmate drones

Warmate Drone, illustrative photo
Warmate Drone, illustrative photo
Images source: © WB Electronics
12:52 PM EST, January 8, 2024

Despite the Pantsir-S1 systems being considered among the most advanced in the world, the defending army has already destroyed several units throughout the war in Ukraine. The destruction has been accomplished not only with artillery but also with drones. On this occasion, the Russian Pantsir-S1 systems were unable to defend against an attack launched by Polish Warmate drones.

The footage shows that the Russians have suffered two more losses of Pantsir-S1 units.

The Warmate is a weapon produced by WB Electronics, classified as a kamikaze drone and loitering munition. Each device weighs roughly 11.7 pounds, has a wingspan of about 4.6 feet, and is 3.6 feet long.

Warmate Drone Attack

The type of warhead used on the Warmate varies according to its mission. It can perform reconnaissance or combat functions, wherein fragmentation or cumulative warheads are used. The drone can remain airborne for about 60 minutes and has a range of up to 18.6 miles. It operates at a speed of 49.7 mph, but can reach a maximum speed of 93.2 mph in attack mode. Warmate can operate at an altitude of up to 984 feet.

Ukrainian soldiers have consistently praised the Warmate, highlighting its interchangeable warheads, high accuracy, and easy operation. Warmate can be prepared for launch in less than five minutes, the time it takes to prepare the drone for departure from a collapsible catapult.

Pantsir-S1: A Vital Piece of Russian Equipment

The Pantsir-S1 is one of the newer pieces of equipment employed by the Russians in the ongoing war. It was incorporated into their army in the 90s. This system can target objects at a maximum distance of 12.4 miles and an altitude of up to 9.3 miles.

The primary equipment includes 12 57E6 or 57E6-E anti-aircraft missiles. Additionally, the crew can utilize two 2A38M automatic 30 mm caliber machine guns, capable of firing up to 2500 shots per minute over a shorter distance. The Russian designers have mounted this system on both wheeled and tracked chassis.

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