TechUkrainian forces strike key Russian airbase: Damage inflicted on Mrozovsk's Su-34 jet fleet and radar stations

Ukrainian forces strike key Russian airbase: Damage inflicted on Mrozovsk's Su‑34 jet fleet and radar stations

Damaged Russian Su-34 in Mrozowsko
Damaged Russian Su-34 in Mrozowsko
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12:33 PM EST, December 18, 2023

As Defence Blog noted, the military airfield in Mrozovsk, located in the Rostov region, poses an important objective for Ukraine, given its status as the base of the 559th Russian Air Force bomber regiment. The airfield is a key location where the tools of aggression used in the incursions deep into Ukrainian territory are assembled.

Russia originally asserted that they had intercepted the incoming drones. However, the emergence of photos on the internet contradicts this, showing that Ukrainian equipment did indeed strike the airfield and damage Russian machines. Per Defence Blog report, the Mrozovsk airfield held up to 20 Su-34 fighter jets, three radar stations, and other lesser military equipment during the attack.

Equipment inventory at the Russian airfield in Mrozovsk

At the time of the attack, the base of the 559th Bomber Aviation Regiment in Mrozovsk housed up to 20 Su-34 attack aircraft. Russia is yet to acknowledge the full extent of the losses they sustained in that Sunday's raid. However, it's relevant to point out that since the start of the war, the army has lost at least 20 airplanes of this type. Previously, about 140 Su-34 aircraft were at their disposal, with a similar model recently damaged in a road collision.

Classified as a tactical bomber, the Su-34 initially took flight in 1990 and essentially represents a comprehensive overhaul of the Su-27 fighter. This two-seater aircraft has undergone numerous upgrades and improvements over the years by the Russians, with the most recent version in production since 2011.

Propelled by two AL-31F M1 turbojet engines, each producing over 130 kN of thrust, the Su-34 measures nearly 77.1 feet in length and boasts a wingspan of around 48.2 feet. It has a maximum weight of over 37,478.6 pounds, with the ability to carry up to 17,637.0 pounds of 12 hardpoint-mounted weaponry (including FAB-500, OFAB-100-120, KAB-500 air bombs and tactical thermonuclear bombs TN-450/1000/2000). The 30mm GSz-30-1 cannon serves as this machine's primary armament.

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